No Time to Think

The conversation I shared yesterday, with a young social change agent trying to find his path, brought up for me an issue that is glaringly absent in almost all discussions of “best practice” in the social change arena. Put simply, we devalue thinking, exploring, experimenting. What we value is “doing.” When individuals take time for … Read more

One Tip – and Only One – for Fixing Dysfunctional Boards

I confess that sometimes even this Pollyanna gets fed up. I don’t get fed up with the same things as most people in this field, though. I get fed up with blame and intolerance. I get fed up with pointing fingers at symptoms, focusing and refocusing on addressing those symptoms, drilling deeper and deeper, unpacking … Read more

Inspiring Boards

Just as I finished yesterday’s post on the power of inspiring boards (vs. always complaining about them), I saw this newly released video from this year’s TED conference. And man if Barry Schwartz doesn’t say the exact same thing, giving statistical proof that inspiration will accomplish what neither rules NOR incentives can. When we humans … Read more

Nonprofit Board 101 – Accountability

“My board shows all the signs of NOT being ready to recruit. So what do we do?” That question came from a reader of my Board Recruitment & Orientation workbook.  She was responding to a chapter that lists indicators for whether or not a board is ready to recruit.  (There is a similar article at … Read more