Inspiring Boards

Just as I finished yesterday’s post on the power of inspiring boards (vs. always complaining about them), I saw this newly released video from this year’s TED conference. And man if Barry Schwartz doesn’t say the exact same thing, giving statistical proof that inspiration will accomplish what neither rules NOR incentives can.

When we humans are given the opportunity to shine, we will reach for what inspires us, and we will perform that work joyfully. If it is true for the janitors in the video, it is just as true for board members who join Community Benefit boards out of inspiration in the first place!

So that leaves two questions:

1) If boards can be inspired to hold themselves accountable for making the difference they care about making, what does that make possible – for our organizations and for our communities?

2) From that place of possibility, what will your board start doing differently today?

Is your board using a Consent Agenda? A Consent Agenda can free up tons of time for your board to talk about what matters for your community.

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