What’s Next for Creating the Future?

NOTE: This inquiry wrapped up in late 2022. We've saved this page as part of the archives of that whole process. That said, if you feel inspired to share your thoughts with us, we are always happy to know what you're thinking!

We are so glad you are joining this conversation. Together, we will be determining what's next for Creating the Future's mission. Yes, that's right - YOU will be determining the future of our organization! If you're new to this conversation - or you would like an update - you can learn all about it at this link, as well as in our newsletters from the week of October 24th.

Over the next few weeks, together we will all be answering the questions of Catalytic Thinking, to ensure that what's next for Creating the Future’s work is rooted in what you – our community members – aspire to create for our world. Your responses will be at the center of this decision!

Provide your name and email, and we'll keep you posted as we go along. If you prefer to post anonymously, please use the name "Community Member" and the email address [email protected]

We are so grateful you are part of our community. We look forward to learning and exploring together, to determine what's next for our mission - and the benefit you receive from us.