Inspirational "Thank You" Ideas

    What is the most meaningful and memorable “thank you” you’ve ever received? We posed this question to a group of experts who work with all types of community organizations, and we received some very inspiring responses! As we read those stories, a clear pattern emerged: Whether the thank you was in response to a … Read more

What #GivingTuesday Makes Possible

What does #GivingTuesday make possible? And what if that potential is far more than just money? That is a question that Debra Askanase asked a year ago, as she pondered, “Where is the community in GivingTuesday?” This is not surprising if you know Debra, as her website is called Community 2.0, and all her work … Read more

What Do We Mean When We Say Partner?

When social change efforts use the word “partner” to describe their funders, saying things like, “We are seeking a partner to help fund this effort,” what does that say about us as organizations? And what does it say about our efforts to create a community that is whole and vibrant and healthy? Words contain so … Read more

6 Steps for Connecting Donors to What is Possible

Last week I received a note that became the post Joan is Going Nowhere. In that post, Joan described her frustration with her ED’s mandate that fundraising focus on the donor vs. the needs of the population her organization serves. I am grateful for the great wisdom you all shared with Joan – being gone … Read more

Nonprofit Sustainability

Have you ever wondered what it takes to sustain an organization’s efforts?* Is it just money? Or is it something more fundamental? I’m thinking about this because we spent time at the Diaper Bank last week – our “grandchild.” There is such an extraordinary energy surrounding the work they are doing, and that feels so … Read more