Guest Post: CharityChannel's Steve Nill on the CDI Demonstration Project

The following is a post that CharityChannel CEO Steve Nill posted to CharityChannel’s Consultants forum this morning, as he considered the work we are proposing with the CDI Demonstration Project. Because CharityChannel is only available by paid subscription, Steve had copied his post into the comments here. After re-reading Steve’s thought-filled post several times, I … Read more

What's in a Name?

What’s in a name? A whole lot! We have been talking for a while about a name change at the Community-Driven Institute. If you’ve read the posts that describe the Institute’s vision, its accomplishments towards that vision,  its goals for the coming 2 years, you know that the name “Community-Driven Institute” just doesn’t cut it. … Read more

Goals for 2010 and Beyond

The vision of the Community Driven Institute is a healthy, vibrant, resilient, peaceful, humane world. To make that vision a reality for all of us, the mission of the Institute is to encourage and support the Community Benefit sector to leverage its considerable resources to do so. In developing our plans for the next 12-24 … Read more