Creating the Future: Domain Campaign

Just a quick update for those who have been helping us raise money to purchase the domain names

We have almost doubled last week’s total – a huge leap forward! After some last-minute giving via Facebook and Twitter, the total in the Domain Campaign fund is (drumroll please…)

$3,000 exactly!

(Thanks to some folks who gave in odd little amounts each time I noted some odd little amount that would get us to this next hurdle!)

We have until July 10th to raise the remainder of the $9,500 it will cost for both domains. So thank you to those who have given amounts both large and small – each gift has brought us closer to doing this!

And if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to help out, here’s what we’re asking:

• If you have found value from our articles and blog posts over the years
• If you enjoy the podcasts we are doing, and the videos posted at YouTube
• If you have attended one of our free workshops
• Or if our work in any other way has been helpful to your own work,

Please help us move forward to create even more impact, as we don the name that truly describes our work.

We are Creating the Future.

Thanks, all!

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