Faculty Development in Practice: Developing a FlashClass (Meeting #7)

On Tuesday, December 3rd at 4pm ET, our Faculty Development team will continue its work, as our first cohort of teachers does the work to develop a FlashClass from scratch.  FlashClasses are 20-30 minute recorded webinars, with post-class handouts and Q&A via our Facebook page. Their purpose is an in-depth introduction to a narrowly defined concept. For … Read more

Debrief: Creating the Future’s BoardSource Experience

On Thursday, December 5th at 3pm ET, we’ll be debriefing our participation in this year's BoardSource conference. The video of that session will appear at the bottom of this post at the time of the meeting. To participate, tweet to #CTFuture. This year for the first time in many many years, BoardSource opened their conference … Read more

Creating the Future’s Faculty: Qualities & Proficiencies (Meeting #3: Summary)

If you've been following the progression of the Faculty Development efforts at Creating the Future, you know that we started by asking high potential questions – what would success look like? From there, we established the pre-conditions for success – what must instructors be and have in order to achieve those outcomes? (For prior posts … Read more

Creating the Future's Faculty: Qualities & Proficiencies (Mtg #2: Summary)

As we continue to home in on the qualities and proficiencies that will be required for faculty to teach on behalf of Creating the Future, our discussions become more and more rich. That is not unusual. In our experience, when we talk about qualifications (i.e. indicators of qualities and proficiencies), that discussion is often rooted … Read more

Progress Report: May 2013

If you’ve been following our work so far this year, you know that the sheer volume of what we’ve accomplished is breathtaking. Planning in several key areas, including volunteering/participation/engagement, resource development, program development and branding/messaging. And that was just in the first quarter! Perhaps feeling the breath of that first quarter on its neck, the … Read more

Faculty Development: Qualities, Not Qualifications (Meeting #2)

What would it make possible if everyone, everywhere, understood what really creates positive change in communities and in our world? And what would it make possible if everyone was putting that into practice in everything we all do? The answer is simple: We would be at least a little closer (and hopefully visibly closer) to … Read more

Business Model or Mission Model?

In plain English, the word “mission” doesn’t mean “something we do forever.” A mission is either accomplished or impossible. We either get the job done, or we go home. Which means the most powerful question any change effort can ask is, “If we intend to accomplish our mission and actually change conditions in our communities, … Read more