Starting with Beginner's Mind

Great new things always come with great new questions. Our latest great thing is that Creating the Future is partnering with Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona to present a special immersion course for on-the-ground changemakers in Arizona! The course will be this coming February, and it is primarily for people whose work results in  empowering … Read more

Demonstration Projects

As Creating the Future begins scaling up its programs, we have always known that demonstration projects would be part of that work. If our mission is to transform the work done in the entire social change arena (nonprofit orgs, social enterprises, socially conscious businesses, etc.), to ensure those efforts are making a notable, visible difference … Read more

What Would An Anniversary Celebration Make Possible?

In March/April, Creating the Future will celebrate its 3 year anniversary! 3 years since our first official immersion course. 3 years since the thought frameworks that have become Creating the Future’s vision, mission & values began spreading into communities and making a bigger and bigger difference. 3 years since the publication of The Pollyanna Principles.  … Read more