What We’ve Learned from 10 Years of Working Online

As a global organization, “working online” is in Creating the Future’s DNA. Our board, community, and action teams meet online. All our education programs, including our immersion courses, happen online. For 10 years now, online is our home. We’ve therefore asked our faculty for their key learnings, as you move your own in-person meetings online. … Read more

Why We “Flip” Our Classrooms

When it comes to learning new approaches and processes, we humans require time to link that new information to our current understanding. That process is helped along if we are able to receive that information in a variety of different ways, making different sorts of imprints on our brains – reading it, hearing it, seeing … Read more

Teacher Qualifications

For almost three years, Creating the Future has been teaching consultants and workshop leaders how to reframe their thinking, to help their clients create a healthy, vibrant future for their communities. As we begin expanding our programs, it’s clear we are going to need additional teachers who are qualified to teach those courses. Which means … Read more

Learning by Teaching

Several weeks ago I blogged about a conversation with my almost-85-year-old mom about Twitter. Explaining Twitter to Grandma Rose has become one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written, still being passed around the web (and please, keep sharing it!). This morning I offer you Part 2 of that story. I called Rose last … Read more