This area is filled with how-to articles, engaging conversations, and tons of examples of Catalytic Thinking in Action including actual planning sessions. Much to explore and learn from!

Boards and Fundraising – Enough!

When will we stop the ridiculous demand that boards get past their “hang-ups” and just get out there and ask people for money? This morning’s Google Alert linked me to yet another article excerpted from yet another book on how to get boards to “Break Through Fundraising Anxiety” – this one from BoardSource, but it … Read more

Monday Morning Rock Out!

Happy Monday! I spent this past weekend thinking about Debbie, my best friend from childhood. In a few months, Dimitri and my work will take us to the community where she lives, and so I’m thinking a lot about Debbie these days. After 30 years of living 3,000 miles apart, Deb and I are still … Read more

Family Financial Stability – Building Blocks for the Common Good

Last week in Reno, Nevada, +100 leaders from the worlds of Business, Government, and the Community Benefit sector convened at UNR’s beautiful new Student Union building, to ask and answer, “What will it take to make families in Northern Nevada financially stable?” I was blessed to be their facilitator. Blessed because it was a shining … Read more

Sticks and Stones

Reading the paper every morning reminds me how much words matter. Express a thought with one word, and it can conjure a whole different image than another word that describes the same thing. An example: In my local market, I can buy “Organic” vegetables, or I can buy “conventionally grown” vegetables. Another word choice, another … Read more

Nonprofit Sustainability

Have you ever wondered what it takes to sustain an organization’s efforts?* Is it just money? Or is it something more fundamental? I’m thinking about this because we spent time at the Diaper Bank last week – our “grandchild.” There is such an extraordinary energy surrounding the work they are doing, and that feels so … Read more

Community-Driven Governance

Several weeks ago, my friend and colleague Carter McNamara asked me for a brief description of the Community-Driven governance framework we have been using with boards. And as I was just looking over that document, it is so succinct, I thought I would share it here. Here is what I told Carter: – – – … Read more

Letter from Palestine #3

I am so pleased to share another letter from Nora Lester Murad. (To read this series from the beginning, please click here.) Nora lives with her husband and three daughters in Israeli controlled East Jerusalem, in Palestine’s West Bank. In addition to her consulting work to NGOs, Nora has co-founded Dalia Association, a community foundation … Read more