The BIG Meeting: November 5th

Creating the Future’s Special November Board Meeting will take place right here on Thursday, November 5th at 10am ET / 7am PT.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for details on how to watch and participate.

Nov5th“What leadership and management structures would support a movement for change vs. simply leading an organization?”

“What could those organizational structures make possible? What potential could those structures unleash? And for whom?”

These questions will be at the heart of our board’s first meeting since June, when board members began having the kind of conversation that has the potential to change everything. At this link, you will find a summary of the months-long conversation that led to our ultimately asking not just about the role of the board at Creating the Future, but in any organization at all – corporate or community benefit.

The board packet will be simple this month:

And then if you want to go deeper into the topic at hand, two additional resources, both downloadable as MP3’s – two energizing conversations about what it means to structure an organization to be more movement-like.

  • Jeanne Bell of CompassPoint speaking with Hildy about infusing movement frameworks into an existing organization
  • Chloe Waretini of Enspiral speaking with Hildy about building an organization from scratch, to intentionally reflect their values about collaboration and co-creating.

If you are a governance, organizational development or management theory geek, you will want to calendar this discussion (and we hope you will add your wisdom to it!).

If you are someone who feels a connection to Creating the Future’s mission, either by your participation in our work, your being part of our classes, or simply by a resonance you feel with what we’re doing, you will absolutely want to calendar this discussion (and we will absolutely want you to add your perspectives to it!).

Meeting details:
This meeting was recorded live at 10am ET / 7am PT on November 5th. We hope you will not just watch but share your ideas, questions, and observations by tweeting to the hashtag #CTFuture.


Star Icon Blueor Download the MP3
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Twitter stream from the November 2015 Board Meeting

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