Monday Morning Rock Out!

It’s the start of another start of another week of creating the future for your community!

These days, I’ve been in the middle of the project of a lifetime – finishing up the development of the first Immersion Course for Pollyanna Principled Consultants! Talk about a massive endeavor – sometimes we wonder if we will ever get from Point A to Point B!

We all get by with a little help from our friends. And while Dimitri and I had wonderful colleagues to help us create this consultants’ course, sometimes that help comes from total strangers.

So if you are feeling alone and in need of support for your work, I implore you to read the story of the little robot in this video. His story is just what we all need to get us going this week!

Now get out there and find your own surprise helpers. Have a terrific Monday and a great week, all!

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