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November 01, 2022

It’s only been a week since we asked you to help determine the future of Creating the Future, and wow have you ever responded!

This week’s newsletter will therefore be short and sweet:

  • A BIG announcement
  • The page where we are keeping ALL the responses we receive
  • Stuff for YOUR blog or podcast
  • A calendar of what’s next

If you’re new to this newsletter and you’re wondering, “What are they talking about?” the short version is this: We are handing over the decision about the future of this organization to our community members. You’ll find details at this link.  

Which reminds us:
If you haven’t responded to that inquiry yet, please go do so now. The future of Creating the Future is in your hands!

The BIG Announcement
Democratizing organizations is not just about decision-making; it is also about who controls the conversation and gets to decide which information is shared.

To ensure that you all are connecting with each other (rather than only connecting with us), we’ve created an online community where everyone can talk to everyone. In that way, your thoughts and ideas will be heard by others in the community, not filtered through us, but in your own voice.

And if you are the type who prefers to listen quietly vs. holding the microphone, you can watch the conversation unfold at your own pace.

Just head to this link. And hopefully you will meet some cool people in the process!

ALL Your Responses in One Place
As part of that open communication, we think it's important to share every single response to the questions that were posed. While typically an organization will share a summary with some highlights, that doesn’t honor the insights each of you has taken time to share.

So we have posted every single response we received. (Don’t worry, we’ve redacted names and identifying information, to protect your privacy.)

You’ll find all those responses right here. And WOW are they inspiring!

Stuff for Your Blog or Podcast

If you think your blog or podcast audience would be interested in what we are learning from this experiment in organizational democracy, let us know.

Sharing what we're learning is our mission, because there is so much for all of us to learn from each other! Just let us know, and one of us would be tickled to share our observations about this journey!

Calendar: What You can Expect as this Process Continues

For the next few weeks, we will continue to invite people to answer the first few questions in the Catalytic Thinking framework. And we will continue to encourage conversation in the online forum.

Then on November 14, our Integrity Team will discuss major themes they are seeing in all that data. As with all our Integrity Team meetings, YOU are invited to be part of that conversation.

From there, in early December, we will facilitate live Zoom conversations about the next questions in Catalytic Thinking – the conditions that will lead to the important outcomes you have shared.

If you’ve never experienced Catalytic Thinking in action, these will be thought-provoking conversations you will not want to miss. We will announce dates to sign up for those conversations next week.

That’s it for now. We promise to keep you posted as this energizing process continues.

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