What’s Next for Creating the Future’s Mission?

Creating the Future is handing the decision about what's next for our mission to our community to decide!

Here's what you need to know:

Creating the Future’s vision is a world that works for all of us.

Our mission is therefore to teach people how to change the systems they find themselves in - to aim those systems at bringing out the best in people - all by changing the questions they ask.

To accomplish that, our work is to apply the Catalytic Thinking framework in a variety of settings, and to then share what we learn from those experiments.

During our first several years, we actively experimented with Catalytic Thinking. We are now ready to concentrate more on what it takes to share what we’ve learned.

While our mission guides where we focus, the questions that remain are in the details – what sorts of programs would be most effective? And effective for whom? To accomplish what?

THAT is what we will all be figuring out together.

To see what that looks like and to join in, head to this page.