Self-paced Class

Community Impact Planning

Moving beyond "strategic" planning to create healthy, humane, equitable communities

Planning should help your organization create what is possible for your community.  
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But traditional strategic planning was never intended for that!

Whether your work focuses on the arts, the environment, economic justice, racial equity, housing, education, mental health...

Community Benefit Organizations deserve a planning process designed intentionally for creating the most powerful, long-term, systemic community improvement possible.

Are your plans creating dramatic, systemic improvement in your community?

If not, keep reading!

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Did you know...
• Traditional strategic planning was developed by the military, then embraced by the business world. It is designed for gaining strategic advantage over an enemy (the competition) to create short term gains (win a battle, increase profits).

That is the OPPOSITE of what is needed for creating long-term, systemic, community change.

  • If you want to change seemingly intractable, systemic conditions in your community...
  • If you want to get beyond 2-year plans aimed at incremental change...
  • If you want to get everyone in your community engaged in creating what is possible...
  • If you want to link arms with other organizations doing similar work, to accomplish something that none of you can accomplish on your own...

That is what Community Impact Planning is all about. 

What is this Class? Who is it for?

Antique image of a compass with ornate and colorful embellismentsThis self-paced class is for anyone looking to create sweeping, visionary, systemic change in your community. 

If you are leading / facilitating "strategic" planning sessions for community benefit organizations, this class is especially for you.

Through the jam-packed resources in this unique class, you will be able to immediately guide your organization through a planning process aimed at making a huge difference in your community.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to respond to your community’s current needs while simultaneously taking steps towards long-term systemic change

  • Steps you can take to avoid unintended circumstances

  • Who to include in your planning, to make your planning as inclusive as possible

  • When to gather data (Hint: It’s NOT at the start of the plan!)

  • How to ensure your plans are strength-based (and why traditional strategic planning is weakness-based)

  • How to budget and fund your plan

  • How to move beyond incremental reactive plans (decreasing X by 5%) to plans that create a step-by-step path towards what is possible

  • Why planning to overcome obstacles actually creates obstacles (and what to do instead)
  • How to ensure there is capacity to implement the plan

  • How to create a roadmap connecting today’s actions to the healthy, humane, equitable future you want to create

  • How to move beyond vision as a warm-up exercise, to establish your vision for your community as the achievable goal of the plan - turning your long-term vision for your community into short-term goals and objectives

  • And so much more!

This Class Includes...

• 2 hours of video classes to watch at your own pace, taught by Creating the Future founder, Hildy Gottlieb

• Handouts to help embed your learning.
• Copies of key slides from the videos
• Additional readings - articles that go deeper into the subject

Our faculty will answer any question that can be answered in just a few minutes, to help as you implement what you are learning.


In the spirit of Collective Enoughness - that together we have everything we need - YOU will determine the tuition for this class!

On the registration form, you’ll see a "suggested" tuition. You will also see the ability to choose a different amount that is entirely up to you.

No less than you believe it’s worth,
and no more than you can afford.”
     ~ Gayle Valeriote, founding board member, Creating the Future

No one will be turned away.
Because we never want money to stand between you and learning approaches that will help to create a more humane, healthy future for our world.

Your Instructor

Gottlieb, Hildy

Hildy Gottlieb

Hildy Gottlieb is a social scientist and asker of powerful questions. She is the co-founder and Chief Boundary Pusher at Creating the Future, the creator of the Catalytic Thinking framework, and a strong advocate for the power we have together that none of us have on our own.