Dealing with our Dreams for Creating the Future

Creating the Future’s board meeting will happen at this post on Monday, November 10th at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Board Packet Materials: November 2014 Creating the Future Board Agenda At its November 10th, 2014 meeting the Creating the Future board will be tackling two hefty subjects: beginning our planning to accomplish our mission and continuing … Read more

Board Meeting – November 2014: Staff Evaluations; Planning to Create the Future

Our November board meeting will happen right here at this post on Monday, November 10th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (NA). There are two agenda items that promise to bring new approaches to the often tired subjects of “employee evaluation” and “planning.” Planning to Create the Future: Recommitting to accomplishing the mission Planning Overview 2012 – 2014 … Read more

Faculty Development in Practice: Developing a FlashClass (Meeting #8)

On Tuesday, December 18rd at 3:30pm ET, our Faculty Development team will continue its work, as our first cohort of teachers does the work to develop a FlashClass from scratch.  FlashClasses are 20-30 minute recorded webinars, with post-class handouts and Q&A via our Facebook page. Their purpose is an in-depth introduction to a narrowly defined concept. For … Read more

Debrief: Creating the Future’s BoardSource Experience

On Thursday, December 5th at 3pm ET, we’ll be debriefing our participation in this year's BoardSource conference. The video of that session will appear at the bottom of this post at the time of the meeting. To participate, tweet to #CTFuture. This year for the first time in many many years, BoardSource opened their conference … Read more

Let’s Craft this Proposal Together!

For the very first time in their history, BoardSource is opening their 2013 conference to speakers outside their own realm. Which means that pretty much everyone remotely related to boards and governance is spending this week writing a proposal to present at the BoardSource conference – including us! Several of Creating the Future’s governance geeks … Read more

Openly Inviting Participation

“Enjoy serendipity, discovery, emergent social learning, into a never ending journey towards understanding complexity. Make the emergent learning and spiralling of discoveries a social purpose, a learning to learn process, a metacognition…” * Being part of Creating the Future is always an adventure. As a living laboratory, our work is about pushing boundaries and exploring … Read more