Sharing Stories of What Works

In 2018, Creating the Future began working on a program that has been in our minds for several years – documenting and sharing stories of what works to create systems change. What do we mean by systems change? We all encounter systems every day – the habits, rituals, customs and rules that make up “just … Read more

Stories: Prioritizing Time for Building Trust

What does it make possible when people who work together know each other as whole people? That question led off this post about creating supportive, joyful teams. It also kicked off a whole series of posts in our weekly eJournal, with practice exercises for getting to know each other. Here’s the thing, though: All the … Read more

Catalytic Thinking in Action Story-Telling Platform Meeting 2 Notes

Nine amazing people gathered on April 26th to discuss, “What will it take to make the Catalytic Thinking in Action story platform reach its highest potential?” Read on to see the richness of that discussion. As I’ve come to expect whenever Creating the Future folks get together, the conversation was focussed on making anyone who … Read more

Catalytic Thinking in Action – Meeting 2 Agenda

We are going to have an amazing repository of stories about using catalytic thinking in our work, personal lives and community life! The first meeting rocked our world, and expanded an idea for a simple blog into a communication platform, virtual coffee house and one key way to achieve Creating the Future’s mission. Read a … Read more

Catalytic Thinking in Action Meeting 1 Notes

On April 5th, thirteen people passionate about the possibilities of sharing how catalytic thinking is being used gathered to begin shaping a communications platform to make that happen. They agreed the platform would be a repository that allows for individual efforts to be scaled towards making Catalytic Thinking the norm. People will be looking for … Read more

Catalytic Thinking in ACTION Meeting 1

Watch our first meeting held on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 LISTEN TO THE MEETING HERE or Download the MP3 (To download to your hard drive, right-click {or click and hold on a Mac} on the link above and select “Save Target As”.. or “Save Link as”… depending on your browser) What would it make possible … Read more