Catalytic Thinking in Action – Meeting 2 Agenda

We are going to have an amazing repository of stories about using catalytic thinking in our work, personal lives and community life! The first meeting rocked our world, and expanded an idea for a simple blog into a communication platform, virtual coffee house and one key way to achieve Creating the Future’s mission.

Read a summary of that meeting here or watch the whole meeting here. You can also download an MP3 if that works better for you. Storytellers-Cafe

Whether or not you were at the first meeting, we want your voice and wisdom as we continue the conversation. Please join us at our second meeting – Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern time.

If you weren’t at meeting 1, please send a note to and we’ll get you the details for participating. Let us know if you would like to be inside the meeting itself, or if you’d prefer to watch here at the blog and tweet your participation.

What will happen? We’ll use catalytic thinking throughout. If you haven’t been at a meeting that does that, it’s a good chance to participate in one. We’ll be in our Zoom meeting platform where all voices are equal (stay in Gallery view) and those not in the meeting can watch live and tweet in.

The focus will be on what it will take to make the new storytelling communication platform reach its highest potential. What will we need to be, know, believe and understand to be contributors? To be “audience”? To be supporters who will recommend and promote the platform? What conditions would make all these folks feel invited, welcome and connected?

If you were in the first meeting or have watched it, think about these reflection questions please:

  • What else might the new storytelling communications platform achieve?
  • Who else might benefit from the stories we tell, and in what way?

Most of the people whose voices have been heard so far are probable contributors some day (though no such commitment is being sought or needed yet). The less involved potential readers/viewers/listeners are not yet in the room, so please be their voice as well as you can. Think ahead on these questions:

  • What’s the most respectful, simple term for those who will read/watch/listen to the stories?SethGodinQuote
  • What will it take for those wonderful people to get the most benefit from the stories?

Do you have colleagues, friends or family members you’d like to see involved in this meeting? Please invite them to this blog so they can decide whether to join us.

If you can’t be at the meeting, we’d love to hear your thoughts in advance. Please comment below.

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