Event Debriefs: Celebration or Lamentation?

In early July, Creating the Future launched an experiment in online learning. The experiment combined various aspects our team has wanted explore, from the way the content was presented, to the way questions were encouraged, to the way tuition was structured. Tomorrow, we will be debriefing from our first toe-in-the water with this experiment. In … Read more

Indicators of Mission Success: September 2016 Board/Community Meeting

Creating the Future’s “Indicators of Mission Success” Board / Community Meeting was held right here on Monday, September 12,  from 1pm-3pm ET (US).  Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch and add to the discussion. At our September meeting, we discussed indicators of success. • If Creating the Future’s 10 year plan is successful … Read more

Systems to Support Teaching: Using 360° Reviews

“Building the plane while we’re flying it.” That’s the expression often used to describe what it looks and feels like at an organization that is scaling, and Creating the Future is no exception. This year in our education sphere, we’ve been building a whole new curriculum while simultaneously nurturing the very faculty who will teach … Read more