What Will Happen with the Responses to our “What’s Next” Questions?

You can find the steps in our Action Plan at this link. What happens with the responses will be the implementation of that plan.

1: The first step in this effort will be for each of us to answer the first few Catalytic Thinking questions on our own. You’ll find those questions here. 

Those questions will provide a sense of what is important to you, our Creating the Future community. We also hope the questions provide you with the space to reflect, and especially to practice Catalytic Thinking!

2: From there, our team will review the responses to note themes that arise, and we will share those themes back to everyone, asking for your thoughts. We’ll be talking about that at our November integrity team meeting, if you want to watch or join in.

3: After that, we will host a series of live, facilitated conversations, building upon the results of these first questions. Asking the next question in the Catalytic Thinking framework, we will be focusing on turning possibility into reality:  What conditions must be in place for our potential impact to be realized?

4: Once again, we will note themes that arise. And knowing Catalytic Thinking as we do, we know that actions will begin to emerge just from that conversation – no need to brainstorm, those actions will just become clear.

5: That is when we will gather one more time, to prioritize which actions are most important to take, in what order.

6: Then it will be our job at Creating the Future to implement those actions.

We meant it when we said this is a conversation. And we meant it when we said that YOU will decide the future of Creating the Future!