What’s Next for Creating the Future? Chapter 1

Creating the Future is celebrating an exciting point in our work: the 5-year mark in our 10-year experiment. (Why 10-years? This is why.)

Reflecting on what we’ve accomplished so far, the next question is clear: What’s next?

That is where you come in!

Catalytic Thinking guides us to ask who will be affected by whatever we do, leading us to then center those voices – YOUR voice – so that we are all making these decisions together. In our experience, this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to truly share power.

Our vision at Creating the Future has been that everyone, everywhere is asking questions that bring out the best in each other. We see this as our contribution to the global movement for a more equitable, humane, healthy world – changing the questions our current systems are asking and answering.

This coming week, Creating the Future’s Integrity Body will consider the big question: What grand, sweeping outcomes will we reach for in our next 5 years? 

The Questions We’ll Start With
We have always half joked that our vision will be realized when people we have never met are speaking to other people we have never met, naturally asking the questions that bring out the best in each other. In other words, the questions of Catalytic Thinking would be ubiquitous, natural – everywhere.

The questions we will consider at our April meeting are about that vision.

  • What has Creating the Future made possible for you so far? As we consider our future, it will be so helpful to celebrate what we have already accomplished. What have our newsletters and classes and conversations and workshops made possible in your own life and work?
  • What would it mean to you personally if the questions of Catalytic Thinking were more the norm than the exception? What would that make possible for you personally?
  • What has happened when you have tried asking any of the Catlaytic Thinking questions? Perhaps you tried something you read in our newsletter, or you took one of our click-and-play classes, or our immersion courses – what was your experience as you applied what you learned?
  • If Catalytic Thinking were, in fact, everywhere – in all workplaces, all social settings, all decision-making environments – what do you think that might make possible in our world?

These are the kinds of questions that will help us know where to aim – the aspirations you would like us to be reaching for. Only with that “true north” in mind can we begin to chart the path to that objective.

How to Contribute to the Discussion
If an answer to these questions immediately comes to your mind, please share those in the comment section right here.

If you would prefer to think about this alongside a group of us who are asking these same questions, join our discussion on April 11th.  You can join in live, or watch the recording to think about it more slowly. (Info is here.)

We plan to schedule other small group conversations as well. And if you have other ideas for engaging this conversation among our community, please let us know!

Even without knowing precisely what is next for Creating the Future, we could not be more excited about this process for figuring it out. We hope you will be part of this next phase, as together we create the future of Creating the Future.


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