There is no "so that" in FriendRaising

Since the post on Turning Donors Into Friends Who Care was featured in Creating the Future’s March newsletter, I’ve been reminded again and again of the message in this video clip. Friendship (and hence FriendRaising) is not about making friends so that they will help us.

In our real lives, friendship is not a means to an ends. The end result IS the friendship!  And that’s precisely where its power lies for the causes we care about.

The answer, then, to the question, “Are we doing FriendRaising so that they’ll give us money?” is no. We are making friends simply so that we will have friends – along with all the magic and power that comes with true friendship.

1 thought on “There is no "so that" in FriendRaising”

  1. hello, fundraisers, hello friends. I’m very happy that you love this ” friendraising” concept too. Starting 2005 I’m promoting this concept in Romania. And I’m proud that I did with great results. Here some of my perspective of Friendraising:
    And, funny or not, I’m finishing a fundraising in Romania book, called Friendraising. Keep going on this path,I love to do it also! thank you:)


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