Reports (2) for the July 2014 Board Meeting

In preparation for this Monday's upcoming board meeting, there are two reports to help bring everyone to the same page. The first is a summary of this year of considering the board's legal obligations – a year of foundational conversations that will have impact on how this organization does its work from this point forward.

The genesis of this year of conversation about budgets and bylaws and the like is this matrix, developed at our July 2013 board meeting, prioritizing our discussions for the coming year. 

The second report relates to the topic we'll be discussing at our July 2014 meeting next week – determining what it will take for Creating the Future to come together to create our Global Impact Plan.

The video describes the plan that Dimitri and Hildy have been working since they developed it back in 2010, before Creating the Future even had its first board members. We're providing this as background, to get the conversation rolling to a great start on Monday.

See you all at the meeting on Monday!

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