Gratitude and Generosity: An Online Conversation

With the holiday season in full swing and the end of 2014 soon approaching, gratitude and generosity fills the air. People are making time to help others, and reflect on how others have helped them the past year.

What if instead of focusing on the values of gratitude and generosity once a year, individuals focused on these values every day? Not just personally, but professionally as well? What does it look like when business is built around gratitude and generosity? What does it look like when community work is built around gratitude and generosity? How does this approach differ from “the norm?”

If you’re curious about the role of gratitude and generosity in both the business and community development worlds you won’t want to miss “Gratitude and Generosity: An Online Conversation.” Christy McGill and Rhonda Lorch joined Hildy Gottlieb on December 16th in a discussion about gratitude and generosity as the foundation for business and community work. Christy is executive director of the northern-Nevada based Healthy Communities Coalition, and Rhonda is owner and manager of Lorch and Associates out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Check out their bios below.)

Here is the recorded conversation. And as always, we encourage your thoughts!

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ChristyMcGill_square_smallChristy McGill is the Executive Director of the northern-Nevada-based Healthy Communities Coalition, where she engages and builds upon the strengths of everyone in her community, from all walks of life, to make their region thrive. A passionate and effective community-builder, Christy believes in extreme inclusion – what she calls “collaborative mosaic-community” – because everyone is needed to make our communities flourish.

RhondaLorchRhonda Lorch is the co-owner and lead consultant of Lorch and Associates, supporting the leaders of not-for-profit organizations in and around Winnipeg. Lorch and Associates offers trainings, coaching and facilitated planning services that assist executive directors, senior manager and board directors to focus on mission while enhancing organizational effectiveness. The firm has built its successful practice upon the belief that missions are best achieved when leaders proceed from a coBre set of values – building trust, instilling hope, and demonstrating compassion and generosity.

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