Creating the Future’s Community Engagement Plan 2022

 For the past few months, Creating the Future has been applying Catalytic Thinking to the topic of engagement - convening our community members to determine what's next for this organization.

All along this journey, we have shared the conversations that led to the action plan we'll be kicking off in the next few weeks. You can find summaries of those conversations linked via this post.

That plan is now complete. You can read the whole plan here, to see not only the actions we'll be taking, but the thinking behind those actions.

The Action Map flow chart below demonstrates the conditions our actions are aiming to create, to accomplish the ultimate goal of an engaged community - the best possible outcome of having our community determine what's next for our mission. That image is enlargeable, to make it easier to read. Just click on the image itself, or on this link.

We hope you will be part of that big "What's Next?" conversation. If you want to be sure we get hold of you for that, please click here and let us know!

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