Board Meeting – March 2013

Photo of Our Board!Our March 2013 board meeting will be Monday, March 11 at 1pm ET(NA). And you are hereby invited to join in the discussion!

In addition to adding Mark Eckhardt as a new board member (we’ll have to re-do our composite photo!), there are two agenda items that will significantly move this effort forward:

• Resource Development Discussion, Q&A
• Messaging and Intention What will Creating the Future hold
itself accountable for accomplishing?

You can explore those items in detail via the agenda materials (at this link) and the report of what’s been happening at Creating the Future this past month (at this video link) … and yes, our board reports are always in video, and our agendas always provide this much prep info.

As for the meeting itself, you will be able to watch that live-streamed discussion right here. (The video will appear as if by magic when the meeting is about to start!)

But we hope you will do more than just watch!

We hope you will log on to Twitter and participate via the hashtag #CTFuture. Ask questions, share your thoughts and ideas. This is not simply an exercise in “transparency” – this is about modeling the possibilities for truly open participation and engagement. (You can see the board’s reasoning here) So please, join in!

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