Safe Space for Consultants (Building Thriving Online Communities: Meeting #1)

Consultant lingo – it’s so common there is even a parody Twitter account called Shit Facilitators Say,” tweeting out ditties such as, “Tell us about your group process. How did you decide who would write on the flipchart?”

High on any list of consultant-isms is always the phrase “Safe Space.”  Part of the job of a consultant is to create an environment where people feel safe to explore and learn and question the status quo.

But where can consultants go to find that space for themselves?

Creating the Future currently runs two forums for consultants – the monthly #NPCons Twitter chat, and the Nonprofit Consultants Facebook Group. This Wednesday, June 26, at 2pm Pacific time, the facilitators of those two programs will begin looking at them with fresh eyes, towards the end goal of reaching for all those communities have the potential to accomplish.

That meeting will happen right here – the video will appear below when the meeting starts. We hope you will not only watch but tweet to participate at the hashtag #CTFuture. See you there!

Listen to the Audio Only:

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