Resource Development Planning January 11, 2013

Earlier this week, we attempted to begin Creating the Future’s plan for resource development – doing so live online, as we’ve begun doing with all our planning.

Unfortunately, our planning session quickly became a learning opportunity about the technology of the broadcast, as we learned from someone who had been trying to participate that the video was pretty much useless – and then it froze altogether.

So today, we started over, which was great because we came up with all sorts of ideas and thoughts that hadn’t occurred to us the other day!

Watch along and please add your thoughts / comments / ideas right here. (We will soon be editing this video, to add clearer versions of the flip-chart sheets as slides – for now, we wanted to get this posted to share it!)  We will announce our next session at the What’s New blog (subscribe here) for those who want to be part of the live discussion as it’s happening!

For info on this Asset-Based approach to resource development, there are both details about the approach AND case studies on pages 253-272 of The Pollyanna Principles.

Listen to the Audio Only:


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