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Policy re: Closed Meetings

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It is Creating the Future’s policy that our board meetings and strategy meetings will be open for full participation by our community unless there is a compelling reason for the meeting (or a portion thereof) to be closed.

Our policy regarding those rare times when we will close our doors is below. You can also see the thinking behind that policy in the discussions here:

Discussion about when to close meetings: Going Behind Closed Doors

Board’s discussion upon adopting the policy: Board Meeting Video January 2013 (Note: Discussion of this item runs from 19:50 to 33:00)

Creating the Future Board of Directors Adopted: January 2013

Policy re: Closed Meetings

The Board of Creating the Future seeks to weigh the balance between protecting the legal obligations of the organization, honoring the privacy of individuals, and instilling trust by engaging openly.

The board further acknowledges that we hold dear the value of risk-taking through creative conversation and exploration. And the board assumes that everyone present is doing his/her best to hold the best interests of the broad community and Creating the Future participants in mind as they participate in or observe Creating the Future board meetings.

The assumption at the core of this policy is therefore that all discussions will be public, unless they meet the following criteria:

  • When there are legal requirements for privacy
  • When public conversation would seriously hamper Creating the Future’s work
  • When public conversation would hamper establishing and testing new relationships
  • When an individual has a desire for privacy (e.g. employee relations)

In case of the circumstances noted above, the board may vote to discuss that issue in private session. In all other circumstances, discussion will be public.

~ End of Policy ~