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March 14, 2023

Children Sharing

The Key to Sustainability: Sharing

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  • Catalytic Thinking Exercise: The Key to Sustainability: Sharing

Invitations & Announcements:
Building Sustainability via Collective Enoughness  (WEBINAR)

As a subscriber to this newsletter, you hear us talk a lot about Collective Enoughness - the economic principle that together, we have everything we need. We are excited that the next webinar in our new series is all about what it takes to build real sustainability, via Collective Enoughness!

The live portion of the webinar will provide 2 full hours of Q&A and conversation. Plus you'll get over an hour of video lessons, a study guide, and so much more. If you haven’t already registered, now is your chance. Here’s why we’re excited about this!

Catalytic Thinking Exercise:
The Key to Sustainability: Sharing

“Together we have everything we need.” That is the basis of the economic principle of Collective Enoughness.

Interestingly, when we teach this concept at Creating the Future, many people tell us that this is a new way of thinking for them.

Our response is to encourage those individuals to notice how much they are already sharing in their lives. And it is startling how quickly they realize that sharing isn’t new for them at all; the thing that IS new is thinking about sharing!

Because in reality, all of us are already sharing resources, all the time.

Being aware of the thoughts behind our reflexive actions is a key step to moving from life-on-auto-pilot, to instead intentionally creating the future you want for yourself and those around you.

Therefore, this week's try this exercise is about making the invisible visible when it comes to sharing...

Try This
This week’s exercise is simple:

List all the things you already share.

That's it.

Think about your day, and all the things you share throughout each day.

  • Library books
  • Parks, hiking trails
  • Office space
  • A friend’s truck
  • Knowledge
  • A chainsaw or bicycle pump or other equipment
  • Looking after a friend’s house while they’re on vacation
  • The roads you drive on

Make a list, and add to it every time you think about one more thing you share.

The more mindful we can be about the extent to which we already share, the more comfortable it will feel to make “sharing” your go-to when planning a project – whether for yourself or for work.

The power of sharing via Collective Enoughness goes beyond the resources. It is the power of connection - the interconnectedness and interdependence that are our superpowers. We can accomplish so much more when we don’t feel the scarcity of going it alone. That is why Collective Enoughness is one of the three core practices of the Catalytic Thinking framework.

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