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October 26, 2022

Wow – your thoughts so far have been inspiring!

This week we've been inviting you to be part of a real-time case study in democratizing our organization. Here’s why people in our community are saying YES to that invitation.

Our goal is simple: Ensure that YOU, our community members, are determining what's next for our work here at Creating the Future.

Following the questions of Catalytic Thinking, yesterday we asked what you value about our current work.

Today’s questions reach for what is possible:

  1. What groups or individuals might be affected by our sharing what we've learned from experimenting with Catalytic Thinking? Who might be affected by learning more about Catalytic Thinking? 
  2. For each of the groups you listed in Question 1, what could Creating the Future's work make possible for those individuals or groups?

As you think about these questions, to respond click here.

If you missed yesterday's question, you can reply to all the questions in one place at this link. And if you are more comfortable speaking than writing, send us a video or audio clip. Whatever works best for you.

We couldn’t be more excited about this effort. Tomorrow, we will begin sharing some of the responses we are receiving, so stay tuned!

With deep appreciation,

and the whole team at Creating the Future

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