Donors are Not Extemely Happy

The Nonprofit Times reports the following:

“Only slightly more than 1 in 10 donors (13 percent) say their experience as a donor exceeded expectations, according to a new survey. While 83 percent of donors said their experience met expectations, it leaves “more room for improvement for nonprofits to wow their donors,” said Dirk Rinker, president and CEO of Campbell Rinker, a marketing research firm.”

When will we see surveys that ask the only people who matter – the communities we serve?  When will we begin getting a real read on what we should be accomplishing, and for whom?

As long as we continue to see ourselves primarily accountable to donors, we will continue to disappoint BOTH our communities AND our DONORS.

1 thought on “Donors are Not Extemely Happy”

  1. Amen, sister! Donors and nonprofits are partners in mission fulfillment. Sure, we have to make sure we’re doing what the donors approve of (or at least tolerate) because we live in the real world and we need them with us, but the community is our client.


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