Doing More with Less in Hard Times

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Today, I was the guest for a Live Online Q&A Discussion hosted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  The title – chosen by them, not me – was Doing More with Less in Hard Times.

Yes, it just about SCREAMS “scarcity,” but that didn’t stop this Pollyanna from talking about the tremendous possibilities we all have, hiding right under our noses!

If you were not present for the session, the transcript of that 1-hour discussion is at the Chronicle’s site. After the 1 hour, though, folks still had questions.  So I have answered the rest of those questions here.

I am so grateful to the Chronicle for allowing me to share the work we have been teaching in this area.  And I am more grateful to the folks who took an hour out of their day to talk about seeing possibility and abundance in these tough times.

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