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Drum major / Marching BandIf Creating the Future is able to have its team members attend and present at conferences, what will that make possible – and for whom?

That was the opening question earlier this week, as a team met to craft the strategy for our 4th crowdfunding campaign with  The answers to that and other questions can all be found in the video of that meeting here, and we will be sharing more about the remarkable and surprising direction those questions led to in a separate post.

For this post, we want to focus on the questions that arose at the end of our time together – logistical questions about launching a crowdfunding campaign.

The Crowdfunding Campaign
The strategic components for a crowd-funding campaign to get Creating the Future team members to conferences were made clear during the meeting.  We determined who could benefit if this effort is successful and we are able to be at conferences.  And we determined what those beneficiaries would need to know and feel and believe for them to actually benefit!  Those two questions drove what would normally be discussion of “target audiences” and “targeted messages.”

For the logistical side of the conversation, though, we need your help in brainstorming.

We have identified key logistical components to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Before we recruit people to step into those roles, we want to be sure we’ve listed everything.  So please take a look at the list below, and tell us – in your experience doing crowdfunding / peer-funding campaigns, are there logistical jobs we’ve missed?  

• Crowdfunding Web Page
Coordinate to ensure that all pieces of what is needed for StartSomeGood campaign page are in place – video, text, rewards. (Hopefully help to coordinate / create some of those pieces!)

• Video coordination / production
Participate in storyboarding; coordinate to be sure appointments are set for all participants; coordinate the logistics of participants creating their segments and gathering all those segments together; editing the segments (or finding / coordinating with an editor); finding supporting music / getting rights to the music / etc.

• Social media coordination
Recruit and support a team to champion the cause via social media.

• Individual engagement coordination
Working with key individuals who can directly engage one-on-one with people who are inclined to support the cause.

• Rewards Coordinator
Ensure that people who give at certain levels are receiving what was promised.

What have we missed?

And if any of these roles speak to you, please let us know – we are planning a VERY short campaign (starting and finishing before November 1 – you can read about our experience with very short campaigns here). And if this is where you shine, we’d love you to be part of making it successful!

Thanks, everyone. Here’s to the start of something amazing!!!!!

Photo credit: Image by GreenChaos via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Are you planning on incorporating any corporate sponsorships OR foursquare check-in or local eatery events? (ie, “every dollar spent this evening gets $.15 towards your campaign) If so, you’ll need a coordinator for that.

    Also, have you thought about integrating mobile apps? Google One Today (relatively new, rolled out about 6+ weeks ago) is an android app that allows people to donate $1/day to nonprofits causes. Wonder if it could be united in the StartSomeGood campaign.


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