Community Organizations as the Place of Shared Dreams

John StansfieldThis summer, I’ve been sharing some favorites from the interview program I do for the Chronicle of Philanthropy – “Making Change.”

This week, though, instead of reaching into the archives for a favorite, I’m sharing one that is already becoming a favorite – and it just aired last week!

John Stansfield’s life has been one social change story after another. ┬áPrior to our interview, John told me, “I’ve been living out a life sentence in social change, with no time off for good behavior!”

And what has he learned in all that time?

  • That change happens when we reach as high as we can.
  • That change happens when we share our story in a way people can relate to.
  • That change happens when we make the work so much fun, others want to join in!

(Just one look at John’s press photo and you know this interview will absolutely be fun!)

John backs up his thinking with stories from his anti-hunger work with OxFam New Zealand.

He tells of the David-and-Goliath effort he was part of, as New Zealand’s Problem Gambling Foundation went up against the gambling industry.

And he talks about his role in Guerilla Gardening projects in his home community on Waiheke Island (including his own take on subversive community engagement / aka gardening in the front yard).

I had a blast talking with John, and I know you will not only enjoy this interview but be motivated to start your week with a ROAR!

You can stream this interview online from the Chronicle’s website: Listen here

Or you can download and listen via iTunes (I recommend listening on your way to work – you will absolutely be motivated!): Download here

Here’s to a great start of a great week!


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