Building a New Program – Together

It is no secret that programs are more effective when the people who will be impacted by those programs are the ones to help build them. And it makes logical sense that the time to engage folks in dialogue about a new program is not at the program’s formal coming-out party, but at the moment … Read more

Fully Present to What is Possible

Most of us have had the experience of sitting by the sea, or on a mountaintop, looking out over the vastness of everything. Sitting there quietly, breathing in and out and in and out, the world seems to all make sense. We feel small, we see the inter-relatedness of everything. For a moment, we get … Read more

The Continuum of Client Readiness

Part 1: The Analysis “How can I convince clients to try something other than the same old thing they’re used to?” I wish I had a dime for every consultant who asked a version of that question. How can I convince them? How can I get them to try? Unfortunately, the questions often show up … Read more

When "Best Practice" is Bad Practice

The term Best Practice has always made me nuts. In the past week, though, I am convinced the term is following me! First there was this week’s live Twitter Chat, where consultants from around the world grappled with the extent to which inspiring vs. prescribing to clients is most effective. In that context, the words … Read more