Building Thriving Online Communities: Meeting #3

What is the secret sauce that allow disparate individuals to gracefully become a true learning and growing community?

Join us in this continuing exploration right here at this blog post, on Thursday, August 22 at 9am PT / 12 noon ET (North America).

In this meeting, we will move from the theoretical to the practical – roles and structures that support thriving communities. And while the subject at hand is online communities, the truth we are finding is that community is community, because people are people. (If this is your first time joining this ongoing discussion, the summary here – and the links in that summary – will bring you quickly up to speed. And you can actually watch the past meetings, if you are so inclined!)

To join the discussion, the meeting will appear right here when the meeting starts.  (If it is time for the meeting and the video has not appeared yet, we may just be running a bit late.)  To participate, just tweet to the hashtag #CTFuture. We will be watching for your questions, ideas, experience, thoughts – and for you to simply join in the fun. We hope to see you there!

Listen to the Audio Only:

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