Building Communities for Community Benefit Consultants (Meeting #2)

What would it make possible (and for whom?) if consultants and coaches to community benefit groups were able to gather together to discuss their craft and its impact on both their clients and their communities?

What conditions would set the stage for that vision to be reality?  And what could make Creating the Future’s existing communities for consultants all they can be?

That will be the topic of our discussion on Monday, July 29 at 9am PT / 12 noon ET.

This will be our second meeting about this topic. For background, read a summary of the last meeting here, where you will also find a link to that meeting (in video and MP3)

To participate in this discussion, watch for the video below (it will appear when the meeting begins) and tweet to the hashtag #CTFuture. We will be watching for your questions, ideas, experience, thoughts – and for you to simply join in the fun!

In the video meeting itself will be the volunteer facilitators for Creating the Future’s current consultant communities – the monthly #NPCons Twitter chat, and the Nonprofit Consultants Facebook Group. Also present will be the creator of the #NPMC (Nonprofit Marketing Community) chat, which was modeled after Creating the Future’s #NPCons chat.

The meeting will appear right here when the meeting starts.  (If it is time for the meeting and the video has not appeared yet, we may just be running a bit late.)  See you there!

Twitter stream from the conversation
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  1. In regard to checking in w/ folks who haven’t posted in a while – great idea! I think it’s going to be most effective, however, if everyone who’s a part of the group “friends” all other members.


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