Why We Chose to be “Nonprofit” vs. For-Profit

Given the current emphasis on social enterprise and for-profit social good models, we are often asked why Creating the Future’s leadership chose to be tax exempt.

The following is just some of what our being a tax exempt, “nonprofit” community benefit organization makes possible – for Creating the Future as an organization, and more importantly for the world.

What “Creating the Future” as a Nonprofit Makes Possible for the World

  • 100% emphasis on creating benefit in the world, with no contradictory profit mandate.
  • No one individual or group will own the work the organization produces – the community / world will own it. Openly sharing our intellectual property is our mission!

For the nonprofit sector

  • Demonstrate new ways of operating, designed by a nonprofit for other nonprofits to accomplish their own missions.
  • Inspire other nonprofits to experiment, to break with tradition.
  • Instead of being told by outsiders what “YOU nonprofits SHOULD do,” we are instead demonstrating what WE nonprofits CAN do.

For the organization

  • Flexibility of funding. A broader variety of ways to generate revenues, including donations of all kinds.
  • Like a for-profit, able to generate revenues via earned income.
  • Potential always exists to create a for-profit arm to generate additional revenue
  • Community members are more likely to engage in helping to further our mission - sharing wisdom, volunteering, contributing dollars. Before forming as a nonprofit, the founders often heard, “Why would people volunteer their time to help you make money?”

For those who may be considering this choice for yourselves, you can see a  full analysis of our decision here.