Questions to Further Your Group’s Racial Equity Journey

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Justice.

60 years after Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, this work is the modern-day legacy of so much of what Dr. King stood for.

To celebrate his birthday, we are therefore sharing a bounty of questions you can ask, to help make your work more equitable, more inclusive, more representative, more just, more whole.

At the core of these questions is our uniquely human potential to create a world that works for everyone. So please click through, and consider these questions within your own organization.

Because honoring Dr. King’s legacy is not about performative public pronouncements and celebrations. It is about putting his dream into action in everything you do. It is about acknowledging blind spots.

And in community benefit organizations, it is about dismantling systems we don’t even realize we are perpetuating – systems we have come to see as “just the way we do things.”

That systemic racism is what each of us has the opportunity to put a dent into, every day. And we can think of no more powerful way to celebrate Dr. King and all the brave souls who gave up so much to fight for justice.

Questions You Can Ask as Part of Your Organization’s Racial Justice Journey
Some of these questions will be more applicable to your circumstances than others. We are providing this selection to help you find the questions that are most helpful to you.

If you have other questions or resources you think would be helpful for folks navigating this journey, please let us know. We will add them to this list.

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