Faculty Team Meeting – The Team Takes Flight!


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It’s been over a year since our Faculty Team met.

In that time, two of our team have stepped onto the path of teaching Creating the Future’s immersion course – Gayle Valeriote and Nancy Iannone. One of the team members is in the process of developing her first FlashClass – Kim Tso. Another team member, Lisa Humenik, has taken over as editor of Creating the Future’s eJournal, where she is gathering and sharing wisdom with our readers every month. And several of our team members – including Jane Garthson, Justin Pollock, and Tesse Akpeki – have been creating thought-provoking educational blogs and videos (here, here and here for example). 

Having all these pieces moving forward is critical for the success of Creating the Future’s mission during this very busy year. Development of our education programs is a big part of our strategic objectives for the year, and we will need many people to teach those programs!

Given the practical experience of faculty in various stages of preparing and teaching, the team is ready to dive into some basic logistical questions:

  • Compensation issues: What splits make sense during the training / apprenticeship part of teaching? What percentage makes sense for Creating the Future’s admin? What is the break-even for classes, after which those splits take effect?
  • Qualifications / Preparation: Given our decision to look at a preparation vs. qualification approach to faculty, what will it take for Creating the Future to know if someone is prepared to teach?
  • Referrals: Creating the Future receives a lot of requests for consultants. What will it take for one of our fellows to be referred? What will they need to have? What will they need to know? What will Creating the Future need as evidence that they are able to represent the organization to the world in that way? Will there be a financial relationship between the recipient of the referral and Creating the Future?
  • Program Development: What are our fellows already teaching? Can those workshops and other classes be adjusted to include Creating the Future’s Catalytic Thinking Framework? If so, can we begin to promote a wider range of classes, including classes on the ground in communities, taught by our new faculty?

We’ll be talking about all this and more, when the Faculty Team meets on Tuesday, April 7th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. 

If you are running a capacity building program that works with instructors and/or consultants, we hope you will join the conversation via the video below and Twitter. We want your insights!!

For background about what the team has done so far, head to this post.

Please join the meeting by watching right here (if the video doesn’t appear right away, we may just be running late). And add your input and ideas and questions by tweeting to the hashtag #CTFuture.


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