Faculty Development in Practice: Creating a Class (Meeting #9)

Old time classroomThe next meeting of the Faculty Development team will appear right here on Tuesday, February 25th at 1pm Pacific time (4pm Eastern time). Head ot the bottom of this post for the video of that meeting.

Just about a year ago, Creating the Future developed its first resource development plan.

Unlike planning processes that really mean "acquiring resources" when they talk about developing them, Creating the Future's asset-based approach suggests that the most important part of developing resources is to nurture the assets we already have. If we do that, as happens in real life outside organizations, a by-product of that nurturing will be both the accomplishment of and support for Creating the Future's mission.

From that first plan, it became clear that one of the most abundant assets of this young effort is the cadre of fellows who have participated in our immersion courses. Many of those individuals have been seeking the "next thing" in their education, just as the organization has been seeking instructors to spread these practices and approaches.

And so, the Faculty Development Team was born.

The team started by exploring what approach Creating the Future would take to preparing people to teach. Its next phase – the current phase – is actually going through that preparation process with our first cohort of instructors.

At our last few meetings, that cohort has been doing the actual work of developing a small discreet educational experience – a blog post, a short video, a FlashClass (Creating the Future's 30 minute webinars). You can watch the first steps in that process at Meeting #6, Meeting #7, and Meeting #8 (our most recent one) here.

There are two pieces of information that will help you participate in tomorrow's meeting.
Notes from our last meeting (in pdf format)
Chart for developing the FlashClass

At our meeting tomorrow, the team will take all that prep work, and actually create a course that will be taught in the next few months. From there, each of them will be ready to fly on their own, to create their own courses (and blog posts and videos) and to present them as educational initiatives of Creating the Future.

We confess this is immensely exciting, as this young organization spreads its wings.

Please join the meeting by watching right here (if the video doesn't appear right away, we may just be running late). And add your input and ideas and questions by tweeting to the hashtag #CTFuture.


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