Experimenting with Creating the Future

Calling all organizational development geeks!

Creating the Future is one big experiment. Not only do we experiment out in the world, we are also an experiment ourselves, testing new approaches to make our own day-to-day work more effective. And because all our work is open and participatory, you can be part of these experiments, sharing your wisdom and learning alongside us!

What would it take to create workplace conditions and employee evaluations that bring out the best in our employees?

What sorts of funding models will balance our core values against the inequities of the foundation and angel investment marketplace?

What kinds of bylaws would bring out the best in our people? And what organizational structure will lead our organization to accomplish our mission?

What would communications strategy look like if it was aimed at the best possible outcomes for anyone who might see our messages? And what would it look like to craft that strategy openly, rather than assuming such work is proprietary and competitive?

These are just some of the issues we have experimented with in our short existence. And some are still ongoing!

If you are curious about what it takes for organizations to bring out the best in everyone they touch, we invite you to be part of these experiments.

How to participate

Watch and tweet:

Because all our meetings are open and participatory, you can watch the meeting as it streams online (or after, in video), and tweet or comment at the blog

Sit at the table with us:

If a topic particularly intrigues you, join us inside the meeting!

To be notified of upcoming meetings / issues we’re addressing, just subscribe at our blog.

And in all cases, we hope you will stay involved beyond the initial meetings, pitching in to turn those conversations into reality.

We look forward to your joining us!