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August 22, 2022

Community Engagement Tools

Community Engagement Tools
What does it take to meaningfully include your community in your social change work?

For the past few months, that has been the topic of conversation for our Integrity Team (formerly known as our board).

This is not a theoretical discussion. Come September, we will be asking YOU to determine what’s next for Creating the Future’s mission! As we pondered what it would take for people to want to be part of that, we realized these are questions many of you struggle with as well.

What does it take to create meaningful inclusion and participation?

What turns an audience or a mailing list into a participating community?

And so we have created a page with all sorts of community engagement resources (including an energizing discussion of that second question). You’ll find all that here.

Which leads to this invitation:

We hope you will be part of our final community engagement planning session on August 30th (info is here). At that meeting, we will move from “creating conditions for meaningful engagement” to designing an action plan.

That conversation will directly determine which actions we will take together – as a community. So please join in!

We hope these resources and discussions help you to create more authentic relationships with your own communities. Because those relationships are not just where the best work happens – they are also where the fun is!

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