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- December 27, 2018

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December 27, 2018

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Before you ring out the old year…

Looking Back with Gratitude
A new year urges us to look ahead – a fresh start, filled with hope. One of the most hopeful actions you can take, however, is to take a moment to look back with gratitude at the year that is coming to a close.

Try this
Go back through your 2018 calendar. And for each major (or minor) event, fill in the blanks:

If it weren’t for this event (fill in the blank)
I wouldn’t have been able to _________________.

That last blank could be about something you learned, something you began thinking about, something you felt. It could be about something you accomplished, or that a door was opened to one of your goals. Or it could just be that you had a delightful day.

If the year has been difficult – and some years are indeed difficult - the blank may be that you learned something about yourself. Or it could simply be that someone showed you a kindness. “If it weren’t for my supervisor understanding my circumstances and giving me the space to work through it, I wouldn’t still have my job. I’m grateful for his compassion.” While gratitude won’t make the pain go away, it can be immensely helpful in the journey towards healing.

We are grateful for YOU
In closing out 2018, we are deeply grateful for you, dear eJournal subscriber. As we penned our list of accomplishments for the year, you were present in so many of those results. (To see that huge list of accomplishments, click here.)

We hope that as you look at that list, you will get excited to get even more involved in this work during the year ahead. Because these times call for each of us to bring out the best in ourselves and those around us.

For now, as 2018 comes to a close, if you are finding our work of benefit in your own life and work, we hope you will show your own gratitude by providing a donation to keep this eJournal and so many of our other programs free or low cost. You can find a number of ways to contribute at this page.

For now, please know that we could not have accomplished the things on this list without you. And that we are more grateful than we can put into words.

Here’s to a new year of seeing what is possible; to linking arms with those who care about the things you care about; and to building upon what we all have together.

With deep gratitude,

The Team at Creating the Future

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