Developing a Crowd-Funding Campaign from the Ground Up

Crowd cheeringOn Wednesday, September 25th at 1pm PT, we’ll be meeting to craft our 4th Crowdfunding Campaign. The video of that session will appear at the bottom of this post at the time of the meeting. To participate, tweet to #CTFuture.

Creating the Future is about to embark on its 4th crowd-funding campaign at And you are invited to help us craft that campaign!

The purpose of the campaign is to raise money so that Creating the Future team members can attend conferences on behalf of the organization. In some cases, team members will need travel expenses, conference fees etc. to present at the conference (as we will be doing at BoardSource in November). In other cases, team members will simply be attending and participating – engaging with others on behalf of Creating the Future’s work and bringing back all that they learn.

On Wednesday, September 25th at 1pm Pacific time, a group of us will be meeting right here to develop the campaign. This is our first meeting – and we think we can hammer out the whole campaign in 2 hours!

In part that is because we have done this before. You can read our 5 Crowdfunding Lessons here, from our last campaign.

In part it is because the planning framework we use at Creating the Future allows us to get to the nuts-and-bolts pretty quickly, while creating the context for something grand to happen, all at the same time.

And in part that’s because we want YOU to be involved! Watch the meeting here (the video will appear below). And tweet your thoughts / ideas / questions to #CTFuture.

Looking forward to watching this campaign form before our eyes!

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