Crafting a Community Engagement Plan: Getting Specific (Meeting #2)

We will continue Creating the Future's Community Engagement planning work on Wednesday June 25th at 11am Pacific time. To participate in that meeting (or to just watch) scroll to the bottom of this screen.

Per the planning format described in this post, the process we are using follows Creating the Future's causality framework.

  1. Determine what we want to accomplish (and for whom)
  2. Determine who to engage
  3. Determine how to enage them

During our first meeting, we reached for what engagement makes possible beyond just helping Creating the Future accomplish our internal goals. You can read the summary of that discussion at this link.

During this meeting we will therefore work on Step #2. Having considered generally what we want a plan to accomplish, we will focus on each of the groups we intend to engage. We will be specific about what outcomes we hope to achieve for them in particular; what we want to accomplish internally by engaging them specifically; and what conditions need to be in place for that to happen. 

By our third meeting (not yet scheduled) we will have laid all the groundwork for getting into tactics. For each group, given all those conditions for success, what do we want to do?

The video for Meeting #2 will appear when the meeting begins (if we're a bit late, please be patient. Between technology and trying to gather people from around the globe, sometimes we aren't precisely on time). To participate via Twitter, please tweet to us using the hashtag #CTFuture. We look forward to seeing you!

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