Faculty Development: Qualities, Not Qualifications (Meeting #2)

What would it make possible if everyone, everywhere, understood what really creates positive change in communities and in our world? And what would it make possible if everyone was putting that into practice in everything we all do? The answer is simple: We would be at least a little closer (and hopefully visibly closer) to … Read more

Education that Accelerates Movements (Faculty Development Mtg #1: Summary)

What qualifications do we want people have, to teach classes on behalf of Creating the Future? That question, in any other realm, might begin a conversation that brainstorms qualifications. People might suggest bringing in a faculty development expert. Others might begin suggesting one-on-one mentorships or online classes or other formats for instruction. The question would … Read more

Teaching on Behalf of Creating the Future (Meeting #1)

What training do people need if they are going to teach on behalf of Creating the Future? What qualifications / qualities might we seek? Join us today at 3pm Eastern time, as we begin to explore these questions and more. Today's topic: What would educational programs look like if they are amplifying / accelerating a … Read more