Building Thriving Online Communities – Meeting #4

What conditions allow disparate individuals to gracefully become a community that brings out the best in every participant?

Join us on Thursday, October 17 at 12noon ET (NA) to continue our exploration into that question!  Meeting #4 of our Building Thriving Online Communities team will continue our discussion of turning conditions for success into practical roles and functions. At this meeting, we will focus on two more of the conditions for success that we defined in Meeting #2 (click here for the summary of that energizing meeting).

  • What roles and functions support a group having shared expectations?
  • What roles and functions support maintaining a group as a place for exploration?

The meeting will take place in video right here, and we encourage you to do more than watch – please share your thoughts and/or questions as things are going on in real time, by tweeting with the hashtag #CTFuture.

To bring you up to speed, you will find a summary of Meeting #1 at the link here, and a summary of Meeting #2 at the link here.  

The summary of our last meeting – Meeting #3, where we began the discussion of roles and functions to support thriving communities – is at this link here including a link to watch the meeting itself. 

We hope you will join us for Meeting #4 right here!

Listen to the Audio Only:

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