Building Programs Upon Our Existing Assets

Today we will begin deconstructing the biggest, hairiest, most complex mission asset Creating the Future has – our immersion education program. (Details about the content of today’s session are at this link.)

We have several goals for this session. In no particular order…

  • Have a record of exactly what it takes to produce the immersion course (aka succession planning if Hildy and Dimitri are hit by a meteor).
  • Identify assets we can build upon, to further our education mission.
  • Identify assets we can build upon, to add revenue streams.
  • Determine how people who cannot take the immersion course (for whatever logistical reason) but want to have that experience can do so via online learning / experiencing
  • Plus outcomes we haven’t imagined yet!

This work session is part of Creating the Future’s resource development plan – an Asset-Based effort that began here.

Logistics: Watch here at this post, and the video stream will appear at approximately 1pm Pacific time (NA). If it does not appear, it just means we haven’t started yet.

To participate, head to, log into your Twitter account, and enter the hashtag #CTFuture. We will be watching that hashtag stream for your thoughts / questions / comments.

Looking forward to a great session!

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